Racism Is Systemic: What Exactly Does That Mean?

Written By Sonia Roberts - June 07 2020


Marian de la Torre-Easthope
June 10 2020

I see my anti-blackness in many actions and omissions. Choosing to live in a predominantly white neighborhood was an act of anti-blackness; no matter how much I tried to convince myself that it was the good schools that brought me there. I saw the school stats, but in the same website I saw the ethnicity breakdown, so it was a choice. As an extension, not seeing black people in my street makes “Black” be an instant defining feature whereas being white would require more information like clothes and hair color…Being in a white neighborhood also means that I have to make an effort to look for, find, learn about those underserved schools that I tried to avoid. This is just one reason why I see my anti-blackness. What I can do to help? A ton. Recognizing it is just the first step. In my case, as an educator, I will create and anti-racist curriculum for the next school year. One that includes black artists, that encourages self-reflection, provides opportunity for activism through the arts as well as for social involvement. There is so much to do…

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