About Us

Awakened Love Warrior (ALW) is an online store based in the Bay Area, California. Awakened Love Warrior was sparked by a desire to create change within the yoga and spiritual community, to first awaken to the truth of who you are in the world and then connect to a higher purpose or compassionate action. A deepened yoga practice urges you to create a world where people of all races, religions, socioeconomic classes, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities are seen as human beings and treated equally.

Awakened Love Warrior is led by its founder, Sonia Roberts, who formed the business in 2018, with the aim of curating, designing and creating products, workshops and events that celebrate our difference and promote compassionate action, equity and justice. Love In Action. Sonia Roberts is an educator, writer, creator and certified yoga teacher with twenty years of teaching experience. Spiritually Speaking is the name of Sonia's blog where she writes about racism, spirituality, parenting and much more.Her first published book, White Ally, is a guide to cultivating an anti-racism practice through the lens of yogic principles. 

Awakened Love Warrior is also home to a selection of thoughtfully-sourced handmade goods from Africa, as well as a line of "Love In Action" apparel. Sonia has her own line of handcrafted jewelry, as she enjoys soldering, fold forming and lost wax techniques.

Her passion for yoga and social justice connect to create deep healing and transformation both personally and globally.