"Blossom Your Buttocks"

Written By Sonia Roberts - January 02 2019


Susan Ray
January 03 2019

Sonia, my first thought after reading about your experience in this yoga class is anger and I’m deeply sorry you had to endure this. You have such a beautiful spirit, always wanting to help people, I hate to think that you’ve had to get used to this type of treatment.
I went to an inner city high school in S.F., that was about half people of color and half white. I had some friends there that were POC, but now I have none, except you.
As you know I am a quiet person and hardly ever speak up but I would like to think that I would stand up to something like what you describe, but I’m just not sure, as I haven’t noticed an opportunity to do so, but maybe I’m just not noticing.
Years ago I commuted to the city from Castro Valley with a friend/co-worker who was African American, and one time he mentioned that Castro Valley had a lot of racist people. And I said, really I never noticed and he said, yeah because you’re white. It really opened my eyes and I talked with my kids about it and they said yeah they see it in school everyday. So, I tell you this just so you know that I appreciate you getting me to think about this, and I’m going watch for any opportunity to stand up and notice.
I love your blog. Keep it coming.

paula santi
January 03 2019

Wow Sonia. This is intense to read after just completing the 200 hour ytt. I’m reflecting for myself- how do I behave. What do I say? What are my values and assumptions. But regarding YOUR experience, whoah. What the very fuck. How totally inappropriate. Thank you for sharing this.

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