Written By Sonia Roberts - April 17 2019


July 22 2019

Great piece which adds another vital piece to the puzzle of healing our broken world. Your writing here & across your site resonate deeply with my sense of the interconnected threads of oppression tying us down as a species and disconnecting us from ourselves, one another, other species, and the planet. Grateful for your insights and looking forward to sharing via climate7.com

Christy Brown
May 16 2019

Hi Sonia!
I hope you are well. Great post. Thank you for continuing to share your passion and to encourage us all to be more aware and to take an active stance against racism.
I just accepted a job as a middle school counselor at Piedmont Middle School. I was wondering if you have ever done any work in the schools to educate our youth, celebrate diversity, and promote awareness. I was thinking perhaps we could collaborate on something for the fall! Let me know what you think.
Christy Brown

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