Kaleidoscope Opal Ring


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Kaleidoscope Opal Ring
Kaleidoscope Opal Ring

Opal is a phenomenal gemstone, with many cultures believing that Opals have supernatural origins and power. Inside of Opal are sub-microscopic spheres stacked in a grid-like pattern, similar to a layer of ping pong balls. When light hits theses spheres, the light waves bend and break into spectral colors. This produces a flash of rainbow colors or "Play of Color." White Opal is translucent to semi-translucent with play-of-color against a white background. 

Translucent white background with medium to strong play-of-color. Play-of-Color ranges from blue, green, and red.

Opal is the birthstone for October

  • Round Genuine Opal Cabochon, 4.0mm
  • 14k yellow gold Serrated Bezel
  • 14k yellow gold filled ring, 1mm
  • Ring Size: 7
  • Please make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Kaleidoscope Opal Ring
Kaleidoscope Opal Ring

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